Winter Skin Care | 7 Essential Tips To Follow This Winter

Winter skin care tips for Soft Glowing Skin

It’s freezing outside and the chilled air makes you feel alive, fresh and cold. But for our skin, winters can be a disaster; specifically for those who have dry skin. Dry skin is already drying and in winters, the moisture gets soaked away by the environment leaving patchy and dull skin. Even people who have oily skin gets dry skin in winters. Its the top most common problem that one suffers in winters. Don’t worry, we have listed down the simplest and easiest winter skin care tips to diminish the dry skin.

But first, lets understand what causes dry skin. In winters, the humidity level is very low and the climate is very cold and dry outside. Dry air wants to soak all the moisture out of your skin. That is why, the skin looses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in winter, leading to chapped lips, cracked heels, dry palms and patchy skin etc.

Read on more to find out the simplest and easiest winter skin care tips to diminish the dry skin. These winter skin care tips and regimen can make a huge different in your skin health, ultimately providing that soft glow to your skin.

1.Avoid Long Hot Showers

shower in luke warm water winter skin care tips

Taking bath/shower in warm water may feel amazing and relaxing but its not good for your skin. The skin has a protective layer which gets devoid of the natural oils, if its exposed to hot water. Avoid hot water and use lukewarm water which is tolerable to your skin. Keep your showers limited to 10-15 minutes only. After taking shower, use a soft towel to pat dry (avoid rubbing). After this follow the next step which is to moisturise.

2.Moisturise to Soothe

Winters affect the outer layer of our skin, that is why you should always keep it moisturised. After taking bath, moisturise your body thoroughly. If you have a dry skin then you need to apply a thick base lotion which has thick consistency and if you have an oily skin then you should use a light base lotion or a moisturiser to soothe your skin. This winter skin care tip is essential for sure.

Here are the most affordable and promising Body Lotions available in India-

Vaseline winter skin care tips DSC_0109

Parachute winter skin care DSC_0089

3.Heal your skin by Massaging

Pamper your skin by Massaging it with baby oil cause its has mineral oil and vitamin e. You can use coconut oil which is natural and lightens the scars also. Apply oil when skin is damp so that moisture stays intact for longer time.

johnson baby oil DSC_0084


4.Protect skin using Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must to apply before going out in sun. Apply it 15-20 minutes beforehand leaving the house, so that it gets absorbed into the skin.

sunscreen winter skin care DSC_0117

5. Hydrate Yourself

In winter, we don’t get the erg to drink water much often but it doesn’t mean our body and skin don’t need it. Our body consists of 70% water that’s why drinking water is very essential to keep our cells, system and body healthy. I believe drinking water is the solution to every problem. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you should intake fluids. Drink herbal tea, soup, juice and avoid caffeine and caffeinated drinks as it dehydrates.

drinking-water winter skin care tip

If you are working and really busy in your work and often forget to drink as much water as you should then I would suggest you to make a Planner. Yes! a planner will definitely remind you to drink water. Place it on your office table right in front of you so that its visible to you. This way you would be able to maintain a soft glowing skin.

drinking-water planner winter skin care tip

6.Eat Right

A healthy diet keeps your skin glowing and healthy. To maintain the protective layer of skin, inculcate the good fatty acids like omega-3 in your diet. If you are vegetarian like me then daily consumption of flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans or omega-3-fortified foods (like orange juice) is a must. These are 100% natural and easily available. If you are non-vegetarian and non-allergic to fish then oily fishes like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are a great source of fatty acids.

7. Lip Licking Habits

This might sound gross to you but some people have this habit to lick their lips again and again in order to moisten them. But alas! this is not the right way guys. You really need to tongue tight your tongue and avoid licking. Instead apply a good quality lip balm or a lip milk to hydrate your lips.

Lips are fragile than other areas of skin on the body. They have no hair, sweat glands or sebaceous glands of their own and lack the usual protective layer of sweat and body oils that keeps skin smooth, kills pathogens and regulates warmth. This is the reason lips dry out quickly and need extra care.

That’s all for now guys. I hope these winter skin care tips would help you out in some way or other. If you want to add something or ask something, then please feel free to comment down below.

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