10 important things that you need to be a successful designer

Do you have a creative mind ? Being on the top is what you desire? We have listed down 10 important things that you need to be a successful designer.

1) You must have a Creative mind : 

Creativity is something which comes from inside. In order to have a creative mind, you need to give your mind the freedom of thinking freely and creatively. Let your mind explore and imagine. The main thing is creativity which comes from inside, you need not to learn it but yes you have to learn few things to enhance your creativity.

Its not that easy to be on the top, you really have to work hard to be one of the bests. To show your creativity, you should be free. Free enough to think and imagine. Nobody can stop your mind to stop thinking creatively. And also if your mind is captured into some problems and is diverted to some kind of other stuff then you would end up with nothing. All you need to do is to be free of all the other things and focus on thinking creatively.

2) Don’t be afraid of Rejection:

Trust me, every successful designer must have had a moment in their lives when they would have faced rejection. Successful designers takes criticism and rejection in a good way. You can always convince people by telling them what is your concept and what you thought while designing it. Always stick to your idea as well as design and don’t get convinced by others inspite of convincing others.

3) Keeping up to date with the latest trends:

Designers are not born artists. They learn with time, they grow with time. And things can change from time to time hence the fashion also changes. We all love changes right? Change is the best way to explore new things and experiences. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and researching the market place and by analysing all criterias, the designer designs.

4) Having good sketching skills:

If you don’t have good sketching skills then you won’t be able to demonstrate your design and explain to others what the final products would be after its all tailored and finished. You need to have to draw effectively and quickly because you just can’t waste your time in drawing it slowly. So, quick and accurate sketch is something that you can show to the clients or customers. And you also get the whole idea of how its going to be. Think like a customer or client and if you can imagine the outcome by seeing the sketch, then you are good to go.

5) Always have a clientele and design process :

Before designing something, you must have had an inspiration behind it. You have to develop a theme board, mood board, look board in order to have a collection. Also the clientele that you have decided before designing it. The age and demographics and their preferences are extremely important. This would attract those people who are the targeted clients. You should definitely focus on to your target audience.

6) Follow up & having good team members:

Also you can’t run a company alone that why you should have a good team to work with. Once a design is prepared, the execution is another step to its completion. You have to explain properly to the next person so that the outfit comes out to be exactly as per your imagination and requirement. Follow up is a must while the garment is in process, in order to have it exactly as per your design.

7) Time management:

Managing your time is the utmost important thing. I believe that its the first step towards the ladder of success. Scheduling everything would definitely make your life easy, otherwise you end up in a mess.

8) Social Life:

Fashion industry is the one in which contacts play a very important role. You can’t promote that easily without using social media. The world is now all about technology. You need people to support you because you have to promote your brand and your designs.

9) Do have a USP:

You are a different person and your design ideology should be different. Being unique would make you stand out from the rest of the world. There are lots of designers in the world but only a few succeed. Brand image and USP would let the people know your forte.

10) Be confident:

We all have our creative sides but we don’t explore that side. Some explore and work upon it and some don’t. Don’t be afraid to show yourself to the world. Just think in this way, that it’s the world that needs you. People need to know the real you.

That’s all for now. Thanks so much for reading these guidelines from my side. I hope this would help you in some way.

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