Simple Makeup tips to keep Makeup last throughout the Day

Follow Simple Makeup Tips & Be The Makeup Queen!

Looking flawless is what we girls desire. We makeup lovers leave our house after spending whole lot of time on our makeup looking stunning, but the makeup doesn’t last long. The concealer cracks or foundation melts down. And all our labour is gone in vain. Have you been there too? I am sure you have. So without further ado, I am gonna share these simple makeup tips that would surely help you keep your Makeup Intact throughout the Day.


First and foremost step is to prep your skin. Wash your face clean, exfoliate and tone it. Follow up by moisturizing your skin. Go for a light moisturizer, you don’t wanna use oily formula on your face. Oil-free skin is the best to avoid your makeup to melt.


Using a primer beneath your makeup is a good habit. The feather like feeling makes your skin a clean slate. And now you can proceed with the foundation or concealer. This would help the foundation set properly and evenly as primer fills in all pores and unevenness of the skin.


Use a beauty blender to blend your foundation and concealer properly. I feel the introduction of beauty blender has really made everything easy. Conventional Brushes kind of leave strokes behind which looks horrible. But then there are kabuki brushes and higher end Artis Oval brushes that are very dense and gives a flawless finish. So, I prefer a Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Sponge Complexion Sponge. Whatever you use, just make sure you blend it thoroughly.


After you have done your base, seal up your makeup with a translucent powder or a compact powder. I make sure that I dust a lil amount of powder onto the areas where I conceal. But don’t go overboard, only a little is enough.


Girls, choose your products wisely. Go for products like waterproof mascara and liner in order to avoid smudging. Use matte long lasting lipsticks and layering of lipstick is beneficial too. Same with the foundation or any other product. Know what product type suits your skin type and use that particular product for the best results.

I buy my makeup from because I am working and don’t get time to go shopping much. I know I can trust nykka with 100% real and excellent quality products. So, do check it out.


When you have completed done with your face, spray a good 3-4 pumps of Makeup setting spray onto your face keeping it at 8-12 inches distance.


If it your habit to touch your face gain and again then leave this habit because this way you are transferring a whole lot of bacteria onto your pretty face! And this leads to breakouts and pimples which probably none of us wants. Rubbing your face is not a good idea either, but if you feel you need to set something then use dabbing motions and not rubbing motion. Also, if you have an oily skin like me and tend to get oil on your T-one, then use a clean tissue-paper and dab it on your T-zone to remove excess oil.

These were my 7 hacks that I follow by heart to keep my makeup flawlessly long-lasting.

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  • January 23, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Really helpful tips.

    • January 23, 2017 at 9:51 pm

      Thanks. I am happy to help. 🙂


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