Accessorize your Smartphone | 5 Classic Types of Smart Phone Case Design

Recently, I have been thinking of doing some research work on the smart phone case design because I wanted to get a new one. Guess what, I found some really cool stuff. The technology has evolved so much and the fashion industry is not left behind either. Designers are really using the technology in their collection again and again which proves that fashion don’t have any limits. Well, speaking of which I got these amazing smart phone design cases and accessories which will be in trend like forever.


Designers have interpreted jewellery materials and decorative techniques in phone cases. Antique gems set jewellery motifs are used. The crystals and sparkles have been used to make the simple structures shiny and glittery. These look really gorgeous. I just love them. The idea of using these jewels to make such small things look glamorous. Check out these.


buccellati embellished phone case
Buccellati embellished Smartphone case
sao-paulo smartphone case
Sao-Paulo Smartphone case

Animal skins are in trend and the material of cases are plain classic leather as well as embossed ones. Snake, lizard and shagreen work well for these device cases. Bright colours are in line with trends and you can use such new cases and they’ll stand out.

the-case-factory-smart phone case design

the-case-factory-smart phone case design

Mother of pearl, which is actually known as Nacre is an organic-inorganic composite material what makes up the outer coating of pearls. It is strong, resilient, and iridescent. So, this nacre and pearl shells are used in ornamental inlay patterns on synthetic cases. Coloured enamel finishes are also spotted as a new material for the cases. (Source:wgsn)

I just love the first(blue) one. Check out for yourself.

boostcase smartphone case

boostcase smartphone case


Leather is loved by almost everyone and because of which some leading fashion houses have created cases using leather. Bags bearing designer logos and handbag wrist-let chains offer a playful and affordable way to buy into premium brands. these cases are functional as they are fold-able and their design is of doubling up as wallets that include card slots and internal zip pouches. (Source:wgsn)

leather smartphone case

leather smartphone case

metalback smartphone cases
image source

milan intricate designed metal back

So, these were the in trend smartphone accessories and cases that I found. If you are gonna buy new ones then you can look out for such designs. I hope it would help you buy for yourself.

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  1. Blue-Shiny-Glitter-Galaxy
  2. Bling-my-thing-back-cover-apple-iphone-5
  3. Leopard print phone case
  4. Leather case

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