Non-toxic “Healing Garments” Made by Neem and Tulsi at Lakme Fashion Week 2017 Day 2

Designer Reshma Merchant developed a “non-toxic” range for wellness of women under her label House Of Milk by incorporating herbs like neem and tulsi in her collection. Check out for yourself.

Lakme Fashion Week 2017 has a lot to offer to the fashion industry and the world. Innovation is driving up the Indian fashion as there are many designers having unique ideas and the courage to maintain their USP. Label House of Milk by designer Reshma showcased their ”White Rose” collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2017. ( Don’t forget to read: Earthy Feel at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 Urvashi Kaur show)

 Its a collection of fabrics which are therapeutic to the mind, body and soul.


Designer Reshma, the wife of Bollywood music composer Sulaiman Merchant, says she wanted to make a difference and give something back to the society.


They used their own natural fabrics which have healing properties due to the addition of aloe vera, neem, gulab (rose), lavender, tulsi and wild sage; including cotton and silk.

“We started with the process of detoxifying everything and we realised how much toxicity was there…Our mission first became to detoxify first…because what touches my patrons’ body is beautiful and not harmful and then we gave it the additional benefits of healing by adding aloe vera, neem, gulab (rose), lavender, tulsi and wild sage,” she said.

House-of-Milk-at-lakme fashion week 2017

These garments have the same benefit of ingesting herbs and wearing the right fashion can also help in wellness. “It gives you wellness. If you talk about tulsi, you know the benefits of it, gulab works on your hormones, nochi works on hypertension, lavender is for tranquility, aloe-vera is for moisturising…,” she added.


Colour palette was restricted to pristine white. “We started with trying to find people who knew the art of ayurvedic dyeing and then we evolved it by creating it into white because every single product that has any leaf, root or flower will leave a colour,” said the designer, who works on fabrics like organza, crepes and satin.

House-of-Milk-at-lakme fashion week 2017

The fluid and flowing silhouettes were draped to flatter the body and has 3D flowers embellishments ornamenting the ensembles.

Loose cape blouses, softly gathered empire line maxis, tent tops, cropped tops and draped togas in white were the highlight of the ‘Healing Garments’ collection.

House-of-Milk-at-lakme fashion week 2017


Talking about her clientele, Reshma said: “There is a certain type of client, who understands my fashion. She is very well travelled. She is … for whom wellness comes before having to put a logo on it and yes, we have been identified very quickly. We only create pieces in white.”


Reshma showed her gratitute by thanking Wendell Rodrick for recommending House of Milk to Lakme Fashion Week 2017. “When he launched my work in Goa… being a 10-month-old brand this November, he recommended us to LFW,” she said.

DO YOU KNOW? It took her five years before she launched the line as she visited an ayurvedic hospital and worked on the research and development for the project. Now, that’s what we call dedication.

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