INCOLOR Matte Me Lipstick in Shade 415 Review

Hi everyone! This post is about the Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream lipstick in the shade 415. Matte look is what I crave for. I just love the airbrushed kind-of makeup so much and so as the matte lips. First of all, this shade is a dupe for Sleek makeup lipstick shade Shabby Chic which is a dupe for Kylie Jenner’s lip shade Posie K. Only one thing shabby chic is a mauve-ier and cool toned but Posie K is pinkier..

The INCOLOR Matte Me Lip Cream lipstick shade 415 is nude brown with pink undertone. It’s highly pigmented and really lovely shade which intensifies when dries.

The Matte Lipstick Packaging 

The lid is matte black with INCOLOR engraved over it and the container is transparent, which is very convenient to differentiate the lip creams’ colour and quantity. The packaging is similar to sleek makeup lipsticks’ packaging. It’s a good size, very handy and travel-friendly.

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The back side doesn’t show the ingredient list but has a peel off written. I did not pay much attention to peel it off and see what’s written inside. And the lipstick shade number is mentioned at the bottom which is 415.
Incolor matte me lip cream shade 415 review


It has a doe foot sponge applicator which is very easy to handle and even makes it easier to apply the lipstick smoothly onto the lips.

Incolor matte me lip cream shade 415 review


The Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream lipstick has a very smooth and creamy consistency. Honestly, one coat is enough but I applied two coats because I wanted a perfect opaque look. Once it dries, the colour intensifies and becomes matte.’s a bit drying to the lips and not at all moisturizing.

So, I exfoliate and moisturize my lips beforehand only and then apply the incolor matte lipstick. This really highlights and defines my lip creases. Otherwise I just like the color and consistency a lot.


Stays up to 4 to 5 hours but it does flake away while eating. It flakes away from the lips inner corner while eating. But for the price ,it’s pretty good.



Incolor matte me lip cream shade 415 swatches
INCOLOR Matte Me Lip Cream Swatch

I have shown the swatch of this INCOLOR Matte Me Lip Cream Shade 415. I think this shade is perfect for my skin tone which is a warmer tone and even for fair toned girls out there.

Incolor matte me lip cream shade 415 swatches
Dried – INCOLOR Matte Me Lip Cream Swatch
  • Gives a good Matte finish
  • Highly pigmented
  • Affordable. Good enough for the meeting.o
  • Travel friendly
  • Super Drying. Need to apply lip balm
  • Flakes out while eating or drinking.



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