Ultimate Guide on How to take care of your Skin and Hair Naturally this Holi!

Holi Skincare tips| How to take care of your Skin and Hair this Holi

Holi is the most colourful, carefree and incredible festival of India. People go insane and just want to enjoy playing with colours, flowers and water. As you can be very particular about picking and using the natural colours but others donot care much and use harmful chemical containing colours which will definitely harm your skin. Save your skin and hair from unnecessary abuse and just enjoy carefree. We are going to tell you How to take care of your skin and hair this Holi. If you make sure to follow these tips your colorful Holi engagement won’t let you feel ashamed and your skin would definitely thank you for that.

how to take care of your skin this holi

1. Use organic colours only. Skin easily gets cuts by even Gulal(powdered colour). Harmful chemical containing colours are a must no. These colours are prepared from harmful substances such as acids, mica, glass powder and alkalis. If someone apply it on your skin then your skin might even get eczema. The reports say, “Harsh chemicals used in the colours can cause itching and rashes which can lead to eczema or dermatitis. Dry skin leaves a lot of scope for damage from these harmful chemicals as the skin layer allows the colour to penetrate easily.

2. Apply oil preferably all over your body prior to holi celebrations. Massage it nicely so that it gets absorbed and create a layer(barrier). Less colour would be absorbed into the skin.

3. Apply a layer of waterproof sunscreen over your skin as this will protect you from getting severe tanning.

4. Wear fully covered clothes and light weight fabric clothes which are easily washable and dry quickly.

5. Post celebration, avoid using soaps or face washes. They will dry out your skin as they are alkaline in nature.

6. Mix up a natural beauty face mask using sea salt, glycerin, and a few drops of aroma oil. Apply this mask onto your skin to get glorious skin.

7. Instead Take gram flour, plain yogurt, and a little turmeric powder and mix all of them together. Apply this mixture to all colored parts. Let it dry. Then rub this mixture to scrub off the colour from your skin.

8. You can also massage almond oil or coconut oil into your skin. Remove the colour and oil using a damp cotton.

9. Once the colors are off, take a cold or lukewarm shower. Moisturize your skin properly.  If your skin is very dry or itchy, then you can apply Aloe Vera gel to soothe it before taking shower. Your skin will become smooth and cleansed.

10. The best thing to protect your hair is to oil your hair properly. Using both hands, massage your scalp thoroughly a night before holi so that oil gets absorbed into the scalp easily. Covering your head using band or cap can also protect your hair.

11. Post holi, rinse your hair and head thoroughly using just running water to get rid of all the colour powder and gulal. Then shampoo nicely and condition your hair. Don’t overdo the shampoo otherwise your hair will become very dry. Then apply coconut oil or olive oil followed by flaxseed gel( see here How to make Flaxseed gel easily at home). Wash your hair next day and the leftover colour will be cleaned for sure. And this would condition your hair as well.

12. Apply a hair mask 2 days after holi. Take 1 banana, 1 egg, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Mix this p and apply this to your hair for 30-40 minutes. Shampoo afterwards normally.

13. Lastly, we would like to advice that use only pastel colours. Avoid dark shades as dark shades are much pigmented than pastels like pink, orange, yellow.

These were few beauty tips from designerwings on How to take care of your skin and hair this Holi. I hope you all have a colourful and safe Holi. Enjoy and subscribe for more beauty tips.

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