5 Hair Care Tips that you should stop trying from now | Myth Buster by Designer Wings

How often do we get different tips from the people, especially hair care tips ? We believe in some all our life, but sooner or later we have to say goodbye to them.

“Everyone tells you what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers, they want you to believe theirs – Dan Millman “. .

In this post of Designer Wings read – Top 5 myths for hair care tips that actually never worked.

1.Hair Cut

To strengthen the hair growth, you often get a haircut.
It is a myth. We require regular haircut to look well groomed also it is required to remove the damaged tips. However,it really does not effect hair growth. Hair growth depends on the professional products, which stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby increasing the delivery of vitamins, trace elements in hair follicles.

2. We must often comb the hair

It is a myth, we should not comb our hair too often, especially wooden combs, which usually damage the hair surface & cause small splinter to occur. One should not use comb more than 2 times a day, and should choose a brush with natural bristles.

3. Use of Home made hair care products for

It is a myth. Sure, some ingredients such as egg yolk, sour cream, honey, have useful properties, but they will never be able to solve all the problems of hair and scalp. (Even I use egg yolk and homemade Amla shampoo). Homemade hair products can never replace professional cosmetics. One should check the composition & ingredient of professional products for hair that are perfectly balanced and includes everything needed for quality care.

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4. Color/Dye can severely damage your hair

This statement is also a myth. If you want to color your hair, boldly go to a good salon and choose some good soft toning hair color without ammonia, which are capable of not only give shade, but also to improve the quality of hair due to caring ingredients that go into their composition.
Of course, this statement applies only to high-level professional hair colors.

5. Hair care tips |  shampoo is enough for healthy hair. 

It is a myth. Such measures will save the hair from mechanical damage and the negative influence of the environment – sun, temperature changes and air pollution. Cleansing, which the shampoo gives is not enough, and you will notice over time that the hair is dry, no longer shiny and began to break down.

Hair always need complete care: shampoo and conditioner, which complement each other, the mask as an intense impact with indelible serum or conditioner, which will facilitate combing hair and protect them from negative damaging factors.

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