Breathable Nail Polish ( Halal Paint ) by Orly for Muslim Women

Beauty products are very subjective and kind of personal for everyone. When you talk about nail paints, its one size for all. But some Muslim women avoid wearing traditional nail polish because it creates a barrier on their nails against ablution water for prayer.  So this beauty brand Orly introduced a new limited collection specialized for Muslim women . Its a Breathable Nail Polish referred to as #HalalPaint. It comes in 6 different beautiful shades.

They are made with halal ingredients and are water-permeable, a must for Muslim women as most nail polish formulas conflict with water ablution practices. These are Breathable nail paints although nails don’t need to be breathable to stay healthy.

Orly’s Breathable nail polishes contain a host of conditioning ingredients, such as vitamin B5, argan oil, and vitamin C.



With ORLY’s breathable technology, both oxygen and hydration are able to pass through the layer of paint. The collaboration with aims to present a viable beauty solution for Muslim women, as well as a new way to promote nail health.”

All ORLY Breathable shades are certified Halal by Islamic Society of The Washington Area (ISWA). Its an amazing formula for all Muslim women out there who want to keep their manicures in place following the tradition by using Breathable nail polish.

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