How these 12 Hair colour shade could get you an OMG look | Revealed in 35 amazing pictures

What hair colour do you think will be the best shade this year? The new season brings a variety of a fashionable hair colour shade. If you are willing to experiment with colors of sweet caramel, blue mermaid strands, purple curls or natural-looking locks baby lights, you can be sure – you will look stylish. There are many options for every taste – according to their own preferences and desires, you will certainly be able to find the suitable fashionable hair color for you.

Chocolate Copper / Dark chocolate hair colour shade

Chocolate Copper/ Dark Chocolate is one of the best hair colour shade available. The rich brown shade with saturated copper strands and soft glow of color purple. This fashionable hair color is ideal for women dreaming of a warm tone, while not wishing to change dramatically. As a basis, use any shade of chocolate – dark chocolate cold, or, conversely, warm milk chocolate. In any case, the strands of the desired tone will play a role in this painting.

Chocolate Copper Hair colour shade

Coffee with Milk

Coffee with milk is another shade of brown, built on the basis of a dark or light coffee. Reminiscent of hot milk, added to the coffee. Cafe Au Lait / Coffee with Milk hair colour shade is recommended to use in combination with the techniques of dyeing or bonding.


Terracotta – earthy colors of terracotta clay, it covers all shades of copper. Another interesting shade for brunettes with brown eyes, wanting to make their dark hair brighter with the help of red tones. Terracotta hair color shade is very versatile, as it can vary from red to burnt honey and peach.

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Radiant Orchid – the brightest fashionable hair color shade.

Radiant Orchid (radiant orchid) has become the most fashionable and trending hair colour shade. Stunning bright shade of purple is suitable for creative people and those who are not afraid to show their individuality. But remember that this hair colour shade is prone to rapid leaching, so use a shampoo for color protection, and if you are still practicing hot styling (hair dryer, hair iron), and the thermal protection means.


These days Hair colour trends favor all shades of purple and Mulberry (mulberry) is no exception. Tint all mulberry also significantly different from the one shown above Radiant Orchid – it is deeper, dark, saturated. The hair Mulberry fashionable color looks elegant and rich.

Butter Blonde

Butter Blonde – a warm shade of blonde with touch of butter shade. It looks very natural, in contrast to the fashion in the past cold blonde. In addition, for warm shades of blonde is easier to care for, which undoubtedly will affect the benefit of the health of hair.

Nude Blonde

Blonde hair will never go out of fashion, but there are certain shades of blond hair that are popular., new trend in fashion color is Nude Blonde. It is somewhere between cool and warm shades of blonde. Stylists recommend to everyone to choose their Nude Blonde, based on the color of your skin. Such hair coloring is achieved through the mixing of colors at different temperatures, but the same tone for a more natural, vivid colors.

Honey Bronze

Honey Bronze shade is perfect for women who want to make a smooth transition to a darker color. At the intermediate stage, your hair will look bright, alive and play warm golden highlights. This fashionable hair coloring particularly well with appliances Baby lights, looking as if they burned in the sun in a natural way.

Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose colour looks good with touch of antiquity or smoky purple tone. This is a perfect shade for the winter, so I advise you to take it on a note now. Certainly this shade is quite bold, interesting and will attract the attention of others.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice – one of stunning shades is more than suitable for the fall season. Based on copper hair color with the addition of honey-colored. Depending on this, it may be more vivid, saturated or calm, deep.


Merlot – this stunning shade of red is obtained by mixing purple and red flowers. Its name was due to grade French red wines – merlot. It looks expensive, aristocratic, and noble. This fashionable hair colour shade is particularly well out on the dark hair. Merlot may also be used in conjunction with a hair coloring technique Ombre (smooth stretching color).

 Silver Grey

Silver Grey uses different shades of gray, which allows you to make a textured hairstyle. Now gray are not only up to old aged it is opt by young girls who are not afraid to try on this daring trend in hair coloring. To look more modern, combine a hair color with highlights. Pick different shades of gray.

Now that you have carefully studied the hottest trends in hair color shades,  you can make the right choice. Note that in fashion different techniques, mixes and combinations, so safely try different color combinations. There is no reason to dwell on one hair color – changed as often as you want.

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