Top 5 Rangoli Types for Festivals

Rangoli is a huge part of traditional Indian decoration. Patterns and designs are created on the ground using colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. Preparing rangolis has always been my favourite part of an festival. Rangolis are vibrant and reflects the joy and creates celebrative environment. These are the top 5 rangolis types for festivals.

Free hand Rangoli

This rangoli is made using different motifs and patterns. Its a free hand rangoli. You can make any kind of design using this technique. It’s the best type of Rangoli according to me because I like to use just my fingers to create the patterns that I want to make.

free hand rangoli

rangoli designs ideas

rangoli designs ideas

Flowers’ Rangoli

This type of Rangoli is also freehand made using flower petals and leaves. I love this type of rangoli but it stays for just 1 day if you are using real flower petals to create it.
rangoli designs ideas

rangoli designs ideas
Sanskar Rangoli

The Sanskar Rangoli has different colored circles made. And the a design is made over these circles. You can make very intricate designs using this technique using the rangoli pen.

rangoli designs ideas


It is the oldest type of rangoli. It is made by flour of wheat ,vermilion and turmeric, making chawk is considered very auspicious and it is also said that it pleases god and goddess.


Glass Rangoli

When people have no time then these readymade glass rangolis can be used to create beautiful pattern.

glass rangoli

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